Wake up your taste buds with Brunch at Dubai!


If you are traditional and loves eating good food Dubai is just the best place you can ever visit. All the flavors and aromas spreading down the street of Dubai near all these restaurants and breath taking. From fresh eggs breakfast to fresh caught seafood Dubai has it all, the taste and brilliant décor is always on point. And if you are lucky enough to make it to Dubai hit the best restaurants and eat all that goodness like there is no tomorrow. Friday brunch Dubai are better than everything.


Classics of Dubai includes amazing Italian food and Gia is one of these restaurants. This restaurant will make you feel home like never before filled with strong aroma and Italian gesture in Arab style is no less than a pure delight. The stylish and energetic interior of this restaurant will never stop amazing you and make you wish to visit again and again. This restaurant not offers best Italian taste but also the warmth of Arabic culture.


Sardina Seafood restaurant is another amazing eye catching place to behold your sight and bring your soul joy. It is hard to pick the best from their menu because everything in their menu is just delicious. Their Friday brunch options are uncanny and will leave with a desire of more. You will everything here, eggs, crepes and more along with seafood. This place is good to visit with families to experience perfectly grilled chicken and roasted veggies like never before. Bubbalicious is another recommendation that will keep your appetite satisfied for Friday brunches. 


Dubai also has a wide range of must try brunch restaurants. They offer amazingly diverse range of food on their menu list to upgrade your taste and standards of living. Most of their brunch places are weekend oriented and opens only on weekends to beat all your week day stress a wonderful feast is the best choice. It will cut down work stress and make you refresh for upcoming workload. Happy brunch timings are from 1 pm to 10 pm and COYA Dubai is our recommendation.

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